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  2. where the air intake connects to the throttle body there was a gap where it must have vibrated off, i think it was reving high because computer thought it was getting tons of air thus giving it tons of gas and making it rev super high.... problem fixed though thanks
  3. yes its fuel injected, where do i go about starting, i have pulled the plastics off and have found the fuel pump, fuel tank and am about to take that off ive dislocated the gas line from the pump and it seems clean, should i pull the fuel line and follow it to the fuel rail and check the injectior? should i pull the fuel pump and look inside the canister? ive never had any type of problem like this and im trying to trouble shoot the issue by looking at forums any help would be appreciated.
  4. i had the same thing happen to mine turned it off sit for 10 min tried to start again and it wouldnt fire, pulled the air filter and sprayed starter fluid in there if fired up but reved to the sky so i shut it off, i replaced the plug and gas, i can get it to fire after about 10 second of turning over but still revs really high like full throttle open, i dont know where to go from here, any suggestions?

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