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  2. sounds like you have the same thing going on with yours as I do. sounds like the middle drive gear need repare. Dan
  3. a tip I got from the dealer is the middle drive gear bearing is bad. the case needs to be split to rear it. just not worth it put 500 into a 500 atv. does any body know if a 225 dx motor fit? neighbor has the old tri moto at I could get chep Dan
  4. 86 225 yamaha moto 4 rear tires locked up. My son was riding in the have wet snow and the rear end lock. hoping brakes moved to rear dif. not it ether took the clutch apart not them. I can get the axle to turn with a pipe wench anybody have any thoughts on what it could be? thanks Dan
  5. Is the original rear shock for a 88 warrior the same as a 86 try-z ?
  6. I have a 86 225 moto 4 do you check the oil level with the dip stick screwed in or sitting on top
  7. check the tps you can find how to do it on line. you have to jump a plug and it will give a read out on the screen. stop using starting fluid Dan
  8. I would cheek the throttle position sensor. My 05 was starting hard using alot of gas and just ran like crap. Just search on the net on how to do it that is where it found it. It is very touchy. Dan
  9. with new gaskets. if you don't seal it it wont run
  10. that knob is a primer. I only used it when it sat for a long time or it was very cold out
  11. that plunger you are missing is the chock or enrichener. It also should have a spring in there to push the plunger down to shut off the chock.
  12. dealer called and said it only has only 105 psi. thats what I get for getting somthing on craigs list Dan
  13. Called a dealer today and he suggested the battery. I asked about the recalls and just said steering and throttle seal and they had been done. I think the ecm has been replace with a pro jet power commander 111 or 3. Is this the same part or is't this the ecm? Back to the battery I did put a load tester on it and it came up week and the it tested 12.54. Thanks for your help I have been out of this sense the day of my tri-z Dan
  14. after posting this I whent out to take the charger off and I tryed it and it started. This thing didn't get used much and the last owner said he last used it for deer hunting I'm hopping it's bad gas. I put some sea foam in the tank. Dan
  15. just brought this home today. my son was riding it for a hour or so. he stoped to help me with move things around in the shed. it sat for 15 to 20 min. could not get it started. put it on a charger for a hour and got it started by playing with the throtle. my son rode it for a half hour went down a hill it backfired and killed didn't get it started. it seemed to start fine when cold. thanks for the help Dan

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