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  2. Hey oxidized black, I noticed that you have a manual for 1986 yamaha moto4 200, and I was wondering if they list part numbers for trans gears? My son has a 1986 moto 4 225 which he just chewed up the trans on. I managed to find the oil seal and the bearing I need and thought I had the gear but when it arrived it was the wrong one. I am having trouble finding that particular gear, if you could help that would be great. Thanks Aaron
  3. Was just wondering if anyone has had a problem with excessive noise from the trans on this model. I picked one up for my son and did a little work on it, and have it running great but there is quite a bit of noise coming from the dual range side of the trans. Does this require oil? I look in the owners manual and could not find anything, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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