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  1. Now that you have it running you might want to check the oil. If it was left outside and there was gas in the tank it may have migrated to the crank case. I picked up one that was sitting for a year and had to drain 4 gallons of gas from the crank case. I ran sea foam through the tank as well and it cleared up the smoking issue i had. Just a thought.
  2. Well i got it running. It is hard to start and still smokes but not alot. I am going to treat the gas and clean the carb. I am going to continue with the sea foam for a bit and see if that doesnt solve the problem. if not looks like a set of rings are in my future. How tough of a job is it?
  3. Well.... I put seafoam in the piston and went to check the oil and was met with a geyser of oil and gas. Appearently they must have had a full tank of gas and didnt shut off the fuel when the quit using it. I will work on it today and see where we are.
  4. I just picked up this project for my son. It has been sitting up for a year. I have drained the fule tank and replaced the battery. I can get it to turn over it i keep the starter engaged. It will fire and try to run but blows white smoke. I am thinking the rings are seized. any suggestions?

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