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  2. I got the CDI and installed it It will KICK but not run, I removed the fuel pump and checked it the diaphragms are stretched, anyone know where to buy just the diaphragm?
  3. I have to go across the boarder to get some building supplies. and parts. I will try again the site may have been down, I just went around in a circle. "E" bay was a good thought I looked at a lot of pieces but all were used, not really looking for used!
  4. I went to Bike Bandit and it was just a circle of asking the same questions and no results, Fancy looking site with nothing. Even when I gave them the part number nothing . Thanks for the thought!
  5. I redid the carb and that was not the problem tested the CDI and it failed where do you guys buy parts it is a Denso 070000-1540, or a Suzuki 32900-19B00. I really do not want to pay big dollars for it
  6. It has the 31 carb on it and was told the slide if worn would cause a problem Bought a new slide diaphram assembly, new float and set it to 13mm, new pin and tube the pin goes in that the jet screws into. It will kick but not run.
  7. The carb breakdown link you gave me is not what I have when I went to pit stop.com it has a picture of the carb I have and it calls the hose a vent, But it shows a "T" and does not show were the other hose is or where it goes.
  8. I am a retired HD mechanic, I bought a Quad, it over fuels, I have set the Float it has the 31 mm carb so there are no external adjustments, The vent line from the fuel bowel, where does it go to or does it just hang down. The vent line for the fuel pump, is OK. I re torqued the head and set the valves. I have checked the ignition all tested good. Feels like the choke is always on , but the brass piston with the needle on the end seems to be sliding free. I bought a manual It is close to useless, it only shows the 29 mm carb, and does not show the hose routing, or I do not know where to look. I understand carburetors on Vehicles, this one is totally new to me?

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