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  2. I took my Honda ATC 200 into the dunes for 2 hours, came down and parked it. I left it for ten minutes came out and there was a puddle of oil on the ground. I noticed the oil was leaking out a little hole on the bottom of the pull start case. Took that apart and tightened the bolts. I then took it back up for 15 minutes. When I shifted into second gear 15 minutes later the trike bogged down and shut off. I looked at the engine and it was smoking (like it was going to start a fire ). Took it back down and oil started leaking out again and the engine smoked for awhile longer with the trike off. I am thinking to oil coming out of the pull start is because of a seal/o-ring behind the stator, but no idea why it would bog down and shut off and then smoke? The smoke seemed to be coming from the top of the engine. Could this be caused by a clogged crankcase breather?
  3. So, I was out at Silver Lake State Park Sand Dunes enjoying a nice brisk morning. I was climbing all of the hills (sometimes having to down shift on the fly). I stopped my trike on a flat area and put it into neutral. I then put the bike into first gear and the bike wouldn't move. It revved up and the wheels sometimes wanted to move partly, but it wouldn't move. I had to put the trike into neutral and push it out. Now here is the dilemma: Bike will shift into neutral and first, but when i try to shift into the other gears, the pedal will go down but the shift indicator does not spin indicating a shift. I took the panel off to look and the clutch and gears and one of the bolts unloosened itself and is now bent. See pics... So I fixed the bolt in the pressure plate, and reassembled appropriately, but now the bike will not shift into gear and engage. I am able to put the trike into first gear, but when I throttle up it will not moved (like the clutch isn't engaging. Any ideas why this?) I tried to the clutch adjustment. I screwed it all the way counter clockwise then loosened it a 1/4 turn. The shifter pedal was almost to stiff to shift into gear at this adjustment, but I was still able to get into first by pressing down extremely hard. When in first it wouldn't move. I tried to loosened the screw clockwise at more intervals and it still wouldn't engage the clutch. I think the pressure plate bolt bent when it hit the centrifugal clutch (see pic). Both clutches spin by hand, if that makes a difference. I didn't find much at the bottoms of the case except two or three small metal shavings. My question is would this cause the bike not to shift or engage when I give it throttle? Thanks Caleb

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