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  2. think my dad and I got it. carb on and off 3 more times adjusting float level. it is working at the moment with nary a drip. My guess is the little plastic shaving was there from assembly all along and it just moved a bit to the side, where it was when I found it. Dont really understand how it worked at all, being so far out of adjustment. Found and fixed another item or 2 during the process. I figure if someone, or a company used todays technology along with quality workmanship (as opposed to crappy workmanship) they would be the only game in town. thanks to all who have responded. could still use a book, if anyone has a manual I can download Id appreciate it.
  3. no book. any other fuel inlet port inside carb that could cause overflow?
  4. yes, and the drain shutoff screw is tight
  5. arctic cat. leaks from the overflow on carb. like the valve doesnt seat. is there any other was fuel can get into the bowl and cause overflow?
  6. Bought 2 months ago. Last week it started flooding and dumping fuel. Called dealer, and they can get to it in 60 days. SERIOUSLY! The 4 wheeler is not a pass time toy. It is a tool I use on a ranch, and I dont have the option of waiting 2 months. Have taken carb off; checked the needle and seat. There was a plastic shaving preventing shutoff. Or so I thought. Put it back together and still pours fuel. Adjusted float and still the same. Any help greatly appreciated. The block has AC70 2000727 if that helps

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