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  2. Hi guys I have a 2003 ds650 I have couple of questions. First one is when I do a oil change what kind of oil do I use? And when I put oil back into it do I just put it in the oil tank by the head light? And also can anyone tell me what it the Allen bolt that's on the left side when sitting on it it's by the clutch.
  3. Ok yes i got it and ok about the pic ill be waiting
  4. Yes i believe its the utility 650 it has the winch and has a snowplow so does that make it the utility? Im not to good with 4 wheelers.
  5. Yes if you can upload a pic that will be great thanks! And i looked at it a little bit but i unplugged a little wire and thought it was a fuse but it wasnt i dont know what its for. But if you can give me a pic thats great. And this 4 wheeler is at my uncles or else i would be looking at it right now. Im trying to get this going agian cause im spliting fire wood for him and this is the only 4 wheeler he has that i can move the spliter with where im doing the wood at Thanks!
  6. No i dont know where the fuses are. Do you know where they would be located at? Do you know where i can find a free wire diagram o the internet for this 4 wheeler so i can Look at it just incase if i need it another time. Thanks!
  7. Sorry i for got to put that But when i tried to start it i didnt hear any noise or clicking noise. And when i got the 4 wheeler back to my uncles i tried to put the batter charger on the battery and still nothing. And it only has electric start. And yes the battery is good. Thanks!
  9. Hi guys im new to the forum and i hope i put this in the right spot. But im putting this up for my uncle. But he has a 2002 Bombardier quest rotax 650 4x4 All wheel drive. Now i was driving it down the road today and all sudden it shut down i thought it ran out of gas but it didnt. After it shut downi pushed it to the side of the road and tried to crank it over but it wont crank over. It is a electric start none of the lights or anything work So what i was thinking its in the wiring somewhere right? Does any one have a website that has a wiring diagram for this 4 wheeler or does any one know what else it can be? If anyone has any idea please let me know everything willprobley help thanks guys!!!

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