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  1. Guys. can anyone help me with the choke problem??? Its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!:aargh: I took the carb off again. All jets are 100% clean, the carb is clean, I removed w clip and throttle needle, the C clip was on the top notch. I moved it to the middle notch (factory setting) and once again made sure the entire inside of the carb was clean, float moves freely. Assembled again and the bike will start on the first pull but it only runs perfect with the choke on (in the upward position). If I move it down I have to adjust the 2 screws, I can ride it but when I give it a good amount of gas on t
  2. Thanks for the advice. I took the carb off with the intake pipe still attached. Then i took it apart. It looks like the surface of the pipe or the carb might be slightly warped which is allowing the air to escape. I just reversed the insulator and gasket to the parts order diagram and it sems to cover the area it hadnt before. The previous owner had to homemade gaskets inbetween the pipe and carb. Maybe for this reason. I also took the carb all apart again. I cleaned every hole and jet with a thin piece of copper wire, carb cleaner and compressed air. All passages appear to be perfectly clea
  3. Hi guys, My first post here. I picked up a trx 70 for my kids a few years back for $300. Just got around to playing with it. Its in great shape however I have a couple problems. 1. It runs fine with the choke on (up position) but when I push it down and adjust the pilot screw and throttle stop screw for a nice idle it has no power when I give it gas. It stutters and wants to stall unless i let off the gas and just feather the throttle. If I put the choke up and adjust the screws for a steady idle it runs fine and has plenty of power when riding. Obviosuly this isnt right and I want to fix

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