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  2. orignal ones were just old and weathered the person who had the fourwheeler before me left it outside
  3. yeah I just need the back two rear mud flaps, I found one and Im biding on it but it is getting high, and also does yalls lt 500 is it hard to shift
  4. I am looking for the rear mudflaps for my 01 suzuki quadrunner can someone help or maybe lead me in the right direction
  5. Yeah he said there was no leak he is checking the jets in the carbs so we will see
  6. The choke has been off, and the carbs were just rebulit but they could have had missed something, I took it to the shop I was just running out of ideas they seem to think it might be a bad valve, but he is goiing to run some test first,
  7. Okay here is my issue I have just bought a quarunner and it startsup just fine but then idles high, I have adjusted it were is sounds about right, now the othr problem is that it back fires when I go about 20-30 mphs it want go much faster the carbs were just replaced so I have no clue what else I can do

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