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  2. I may have to try that, I put on about 30 to 40 miles this weekend with my wife and kids ( 3 and 5 years old). the trial was rough and machine ran great mostly 2nd and 3rd gear running with subtle throttle inputs. machine never missed a beat however after a good hard 2nd threw 5th run banging threw the gears same thing. I did inspect the diaphragm on the slide and it looked ok. Dealer said like $70 for that slide and diaphragm. ouch! or maybe stop acting like a kid, it is a ute 400 only!
  3. update: I have done the following, replaced air filter, replaced cracked air intake tube, installed inline fuel filter, tried adjusting idle fuel screw. no real notable changes. I have cleaned the carb 3 times ( with spray cleaner and air). I am a experienced auto mechanic and understand how this thing should work. here is the problem. seems to have no acceleration or motivation after a long hard run or after idling a while. other wise ok. it seems strange I need help.
  4. I purchased a 400i 3 days ago, past owner was a family friend. Pick it up and seemed to run OK but did hesitate know and then. I got the machine home and the hesitation was very predictable. seems like after a run through the gears, slow down to turn around and it would have a large dead spot in the throttle, miss and then go fine. i have 2 quads and me and a buddy went out near to my property. a little off road and I needed full choke just to get home! carb was cleaned after initial hesitation was found. new intake tube was ordered due to cracks in it, i wrapped it in gorilla tape to see if it would help, no change. please helpl

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