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  2. Not sure about the 05 and older . But i have an 06 450 4x4 and love it. It really is a great all around quad.
  3. Probably not i have not asked.But i have never had much luck with trading in a bike. Every now and then you will find someone who has a nice quad that their not ridding much any more and it is just sitting there and they would like a nice bike but their wives wont let them buy. Then thats where i come in. But we'll see i have been keeping an eye out for used but the prices are still high need to wait till Jan here before they drop a little.
  4. Man i know,i went to pick up my ohv stickers a couple weeks ago and they [the yammy dealer] had the full line there i origionally was looking at the 550 but man that thing is big! My wolverine is bigger than my old raptor and banshee but i can still fit it on some tight single track. The 550 is right on the line of being to big to fit lol.
  5. yeah i love our wolverine its a 06 450 4x4. Wife likes it easy to ride i like it i can push it and ride it hard or just put around behind the kids. I may wait until Jan. and buy a grizzly 450.
  6. Thanks i have it set up for singletrack [woods] and it is a great bike ,i bought my wife a wolverine and now she wants me to get another.
  7. 2006 yz 125 big bore port and polished,D.I.D rims,New Maxxis tires. Carbon fiber reeds,stock pipe with procirciut spark arrestor [nature friendly]. $ hours since rebuild.Very clean ,very fast. 2600.00 or trade for atv.All offers considered.
  8. Well If you have ever ridden a yz they can be very demanding and the wolverine i can be lazy on it plus it has 4 wheels,lol. The site has alot of info out there thats the first thing i look at before joining a site.
  9. Another newbie here love the site .. I have a 2006 wolvy 450 that i love bought it for my wife but i find i am riding more than my yz nowadays. Anyway im looking o see what are the best cheap mods.I have seen some people going to a 2" outlet on the exhaust, but what brand? And where did you buy? Also it needs new tirs it currently has 25" dunlops that are terrible are there any cheap alturnitves?[Realydnt have an exra 500 laying around.] Thanks in advance.

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