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  2. thanks texas...i will try that. does it have to be the same carb put back on from factory or will another carb fit and work. like of a honda,yamaha..ect...
  3. its a 98. i have taken out the jets and cleaned them.its weird because its sounds to be starving for gas but the gas flows out of overflow at the bottom of carb. could it be the accelerator pump. thats what one guy had told me. it was all working good untill i took the bowl off because of the gas leeking. ques i should of left that to someone more qualified.
  4. i have issues with it dying out when i apply the throttle.it will idle all day long but as soon as i give it some throttle it acts like it is starving for gas. if i cover half of the catb it runs ok.also gas flows out of the bottom of the carb through the overflow.any suggestions or fixes for my problem? thanks, steve

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