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  2. well i went and bought my first sport quad. a 2002 honda TRX400EX quad for 600 bucks. it needs a new bearing carrier, tail light, battery box,battery, airbox lid, muffler, chain and 1 more set of brake pads. this is it i just got it home. my questions are, 1. on the rear end of all the 400ex's on the left hand side i see a cyclinder type deal on the sub frame what is that since mine doesnt have it? 2. when i put an after market exhaust on here do i need to rejet? since all these pipes ive been looking at so no need to rejet blah blah blah 3. on the airbox theres a 2nd tube runni
  3. Im gunna just clean the carb for now, then rebuild the carbs and engine next winter then soup it up
  4. Anyone know how much a carb rebuild kit for this is?
  5. well my buddy has a quad thats been sitting since 09, it runs and everything just needs a few parts. The quad is a 2001 Honda 400EX sportrax, the parts is needs is a left rear hub, battery, chain, and a new exhaust(muffler only). he told me $600 and it was mine. this would be my first "sport" quad, just not really sure if its a good deal or not. its never been rolled er anything just trail riden by his father. if this is a good deal what do you guys think id be looking at for parts, money wise like $300?

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