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  2. thks for the quick response
  3. Just replaced rear bake on 2007 rancher 420es. Instead of taking cables loose i took off the brake arm (mistake) got it all back together but what is the purpose of the brake indicator
  4. Apparently that was the problem area. I removed the connections, cleaned and put back on..Problem solved.. Thanks for your help. Saved me a few bucks I"m sure.
  5. sounds like good info. will check it tomorrow. Thanks
  6. yep. hold front brake, bet thats where the safety is huh?
  7. not that I know of. Just recently started doing it
  8. If I start in gear it hesitates when i try to take off. i can put in neutral rev up then shift in gear it works fine !?!??!?!!?? Confused and need help. Any help out there?

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