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  2. HA! It worked....sort of. I choked and started as usual and flicked on the headlights. Immediately it sputtered...so I turned them off and waited for it to act up like it has been. I turned on the lights again and sure enough...it got better! It's not up to par, but a marked improvement. At least its' mobile again. So this got me thinking...why? A buddy of mines girlfriend rolled my quad a couple of years ago and ever since then the headlight switch has been flaky. The lights flicker at times, etc. I'm wondering if over the years this short has gotten worse and my current problem is the result. I guess it's finally time to replace the switch and see what happens. I might end up with an extra draw on my lights too. Thanks for the post! It's a huge relief.
  3. Makes me feel better to know im not alone! Im headed to the woods tomorrow and cant wait to try out your suggestion. If its lights she wants, its lights she will get....ill update when i get back to civilization. Wish me luck!
  4. I've had my king quad for eleven years and never run into this problem. It starts great and runs great for about five minutes. As soon as I go to take off, it sputters and dies if I don't drop back to idle. It will idle fine after that but basically won't go anywhere. It acts as if there is a restriction in the fuel lines or something like that. I did find one blockage in the main fuel line from the tank, checked all vaccum lines to carb, and changed the spark plug. Plug was basically clean and not majorly worn, just fuel washed. It's got the same oil leak at the head it's had since 2002. Nothing else has changed. It's the middle of deer season and I've got to have my quad up and running! Any thoughts?

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