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  1. yeah i only posted a handful of times once to say hi and show some pics and others looking for parts and just for a fellow trike guy here are some shots of the 225 doing what it does best playing in the snow!!!! even has power to pull my bulbous booty lol
  2. Where is there a race in DE? never seen a quad race here. DE is pretty far from DC not sure exactly how far but its a decent drive. i actually am a member over at 3wheeler world same id Just haven't been there in a while. That thing has been a lot of fun especially in the snow
  3. I am posting this for my buddy who wants to sell his 250ex. This quad is still brand new. It has maybe 5 hours on it but i doubt it is even that high. This is his first quad and he was still learning to ride. He has lost interest and wants to pay off some bills so he has decided to sell it. It comes with an extended warranty that i believe is for 4 years. In the pics the quad is a little dusty but once clean it is good as new. I wanted to buy this for my wife but we do not have the money at this time. He is asking $3350obo. I can answer most questions since it has been kept in my garage and i have always been around when he used it. If you would like to speak with him directly pm me and i will give more details. The quad is located in New Castle DE 19720
  4. Hey everyone jsut stumbled across this site and wanted to say hi. anyone else on here from DE or around the area? Here are a few pics of our toys and the family having fun family after Christmas last year with our new toys....well except my wife's lol me having some fun in our front yard on a low low tide day Training in progress Line up of toys

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