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  1. Thanks! Yeah, living in Lake Charles right now. I go through Orange about once a month, sometimes more. What's over there?
  2. I normally wear jeans, Ariat boots, and a tank top. I sometimes wear my jersey, depending on where I'm riding. I haven't been able to get into the whole MX boots- just isn't for me but I wear a helmet when racing and when I know I'll be doing some jumps, etc.
  3. Hey! I'm new and 20 years old living in Lake Charles, LA. I've been riding ever since I was little. I currently have two 400EXs- just picking parts from each to make the better one. I've raced a few races that were a part of a side-act of a monster truck show but other than that, I just ride in the trails and on my grandparents' property. I don't have anything major done on either of the two- just the usual "bored to a 440" and exhaust. Anything else, just ask me. Thanks.

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