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  1. MudsMyName

    my son Clayton

    cool! how old when he started riding?
  2. MudsMyName

    Momma got to go for a ride :)

  3. MudsMyName

    Cannibal House

    why is it called that?
  4. MudsMyName

    My Personal Corona Commercial

  5. MudsMyName

    1st to break on new Honda

    i was more worried about riding it out and not wreckin down the hillside. those type of scratches are more like a badge of honor. i show them off proudly
  6. MudsMyName

    my hubby & me

    haha. yeah cause he has the full fender coverage on the ozark. (plus he says i always head straight for the puddles)
  7. MudsMyName

    Step up on Mt Ruppel

    yea, i feel the need to get down there again soon. my butt is feeling better but the knee, not so much.
  8. MudsMyName

    my hubby & me

    we try! whenever we can get a sitter (and when im not injured)
  9. MudsMyName

    Bikes takin a break

    some private property between my neighborhood and the MO river in st louis.
  10. MudsMyName

    Baby Girl

    how cute! reminds me of my little girl on her first quad
  11. MudsMyName

    Look Ma, no hands!

    i know...i knew that was coming. this is the only time we forgot to bring the helmet. i swear! my parents said the same thing
  12. MudsMyName

    Meadow's Raptor 50

    yeah, this 50 does not have much power (probably a good thing for now) but going up even the smallest incline I have to hop off and help get it going. when she is on her own we will need something more powerful to get her back out of our woods - hills are too steep. for now we lower handlebars to get in the truck w camper shell how old were your kids when they started? how old now?
  13. MudsMyName

    Look Ma, no hands!

    she is getting better, but not quite ready to ride by herself. maybe after her 4th birthday we will start riding behind her with the teather to the kill switch
  14. MudsMyName

    Meadow's Raptor 50

    very lucky! and I am too...especially when my little girl greets me after work asking if we can ride! love it