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  2. ok so I got this 06 Brute force 750 in the shop came in no start put a new battery in turn key on and 30A fuse pops replace it try again another 30A fuse gone check wiring harness found 4 prong plug brown and black/yellow wires rubbed through and shorting out fixed that issue replace fuse and try again..... 30A fuse pops again play around for a while and found the CDI has shorted out on the 4 prong plug in cdi side . there was a dynatek cdi box in gave customer choice stock cdi for 300 ish or dynatek for 150 ish brought in new dynatek plug in and starts nice iddles for 5 to 10 seconds and dies ... crank it for a bit nothing ... turn key off then turn on and start .. starts up idles for same amount of time then stalls check out and no spark why would it start and stall after 5 seconds and have no spark I'm confused please help
  3. It was already installed with the HMF and yes it ran awesome so maybe it is getting to much fuel there is a dj160 main jet and needle is set to middle clip
  4. Hey Guys I've got an 05 Grizzly 660 it's got a jet kit and k&n air filter installed it also had a hmf exhaust but i took it out cause it was just to loud it runs great untill it's under heavy load when it's under heavy load it sputters like the limiter kicks in if I hammer on all the brakes and then push on the throttle till it's full out then it starts to sputter going up hill and in mud it does it in HI and in LOW gear what could be the issue thanks in advance for your help

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