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  2. Well guys another problem lol.. I have come to the conclusion that no company makes a stage 2 jet kit for a Suzuki eiger ......
  3. Okay your opinion here. I have a k+n air filter, stock exhaust and a snorkel kit, and 27" vampires .. do you think a stage 1 dynojet would be a good idea? And would it increase my power noticeably?
  4. Thank you. To my understanding you get several different jets in the kit.. is it like a pick and see which one works the best? Or is there guidelines in the instructions?
  5. I have a 2004 Suzuki Eiger 400 4x4 manual that i would like to install a jet Kit on. I was told that Its a good idea to jet them when you snorkel them. Im kinda new to the atv game and do a lot of hardcore mudding. so please any suggestions on what brand and what size jet to start out with would be greatly appreciated!

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