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  2. Hey, Im doing some work for Linhai in Canada and Im sure I can find out the answer for you. We have 2 full time techs who know Linhais inside and out. You can email me and I can get the answers for you - are you looking for what kind of differential it is on the bighorn 21 SxS, and if a 300SE diff would work?
  3. I should correct myself and say I DO have a lot of time invested in 2 very crappy chinese quads, that now sit in the yard. They have a 1:1 ratio - 1 hr of riding to 1 hr of maintenance! I knew what I was getting into partly, as like the original poster Ive been wanting to get into mechanics and it seemed like a good place to start. I HAVE earned a lot but when I just want to ride I hop on one of my Linhais. Im probably just going to fix up the crappy ones one more time and sell them off for super cheap.
  4. Thanks for the welcome! Wether someone chooses to buy a used big name or a Linhai is more personal comfort zone and taste. You can, as pointed out, buy a used Japanese unit for around the same price as a new Linhai (lets say $5,000 here in northern BC). My Honda friend sticks with Japanese because that is what he knows - he spends lots of time fixing and working on them, but loves it and that is what he is comfortable with. For me, getting started, I am happy with the Linhais because they are well built and reliable and affordable. I don't have time invested in any brand previous to this. Th
  5. OK unlike the higher up posts I actually own some Linhais. I am from Canada, so a bit different up here. I have some crappy Chinese quads and would agree to stay away from them (A Tao Tao and a Gio) - but I hope you see that there is high quality Chinese from factories that make machines for the big brands, then everything else. It is true that Linhai has a JV with Yamaha, and it is also true that they are a HUGE motor company that has been making machines for a LONG time. Their quads are very very solid. I just had a Honda mechanic and sales rep look at my Linhai 300SE and he was very impres

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