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  1. I see a post below where the guy with a firing problem was referred to a 3 wheeler site. I went there and tried for two hours to try to figure out how to post. Never did. My question though is pretty genetic. I could had been asking the same question about a 4 wheeler. Coils are basically the same. If anyone can help, Id appreciate it.
  2. Got two 3 wheelers. One a 85; 250es the other around 83 (not sure the year) 200es. Neither of them are getting any fire. The manual says to test across the two terminal going into the coil to measure the resistance. I checked and both read 0.0. No resistance. The 200 came with two other coils which Ive never used. Tested them and got 0.0. Ordered one off Ebay for the 250. Came from a cycle shop. High tension wire doesn't look to good. Tested its terminal and it reads 0.0. I also have a 400 Kawasaki 4 wheeler that ran when parked (water cooled with a cracked head or sleeve. So it hasn't been us
  3. I was looking to buy a manual for an 85, ATC250 three wheeler I have recently acquired. Seems there are three different kinds: SX, ES and R. Can someone tell me what the differences are? I had bought this thing at midnight and had to leave the next day. So Im not able to run out there and look at it. I was hoping to have the manual there once I get home. It will go in reverse but not forward. But shaft appears to be turning. But I havent spent any time at all with it yet.

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