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  2. i have a 1984 Honda ATC125m. the clutch it slipping. i dont know jack about these things. im told there is a clutch adjustment screw under the right case cover. which way should i turn it to for the adjustment?
  3. have a update. kinda. i havent started taking anything apart yet cuz my tools have apparently grown legs and walked off. but i noticed that if you continually up shift when in neutral if sounds like its catching a gear from the clicking sound but the neutral light stays on. dont know if it did that before. or if its supposed to. when it comes down to it i really dont know anything about this thing. also if i down shift, it makes the same noise and does the same exact thing. only difference is the neutral light turns off.
  4. rock on man. im gonna start diggin into it after work. but for now. im late. ill keep you posted. i really appreciate your help man. youre a good dude
  5. i can possibly use that. isnt gonna hurt for sure. im gonna look into it deeper tomorrow. thanks for the help
  6. well that sucks. hope thats not the case but if it is not much i can do about it.
  7. it runs like a champ but last week something screwed up. it clicks like its going in gear but it still acts like its in neutral. wont move at all. any ideas?

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