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  2. I was also wondering if any one knows what this might be? It looks like it should be clipped onto something but I can't figure out where Thanks
  3. Could have been a lot worse if it wiped out the stator but its never fun spending money on repairs I was wondering if you think the Suzuki flywheel will work?
  4. Well I pulled the cover today and every magnet was loose and they are all now pushed together with no gap at all. Thank god they didn't come out and destroy my stator. Just ordered a new updated flywheel with the embedded magnets. Funny but if you order the part for a Suzuki Eiger it is much cheaper. My local dealer wanted $540 but I found an online vendor that had the Suzuki part for $230. Little nervous that the AC part number and the Suzuki one are drastically different but I've been told by two diferent dealers that they are the same part - time will tell Heres a pic:
  5. I have read that the magnets on the flywhel can be an issue. Does anyone know how to test for that without tearing the side off the motor?
  6. It's just really weird how consistant the spark failure is. I can't see it being a wire or connection and you would think if it was a pickup, wire or the coil it would not be so consistant. I hate to think that it might be the CDI.
  7. So I pulled the plug and noticed something very strange. When I crank the engine and watch the spark, the plug will have great spark for exactly 10 seconds, then the spark stops for 10 seconds and then it comes back for 10 seconds and the cycle continues. If I stop cranking halfway through either one of the 10 second periods (spark/no spark) and wait any amount of time, once I start cranking again, the spark/no spark cycle continues exactly where it left-off. This leads me to believe that it is in relation to the number of engine rotation cycles rather than time . Does anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks
  8. Yes the motor does turn over and I do have spark and it is a new plug The carb is getting gas and even if I manually feed gas through the carb while cranking it she still doesn't want to go. Like I said it does try to go and it will occasionally start if I just catch it right I did notice that it has to roll over for 7-10 seconds before I get spark on the plug. I cleaned the connectors on the coil and cliped the ends of the plug wire and reseated it and the problem persists. Compression is also okay. Think I might have a bad coil
  9. I did download all the sections from the mymowerparts website for the 2005 Cats and the manual does seem to be right but I didn't see one for my 2004. I just assumed it was the same
  10. Yes it does have a pull start and I pulled till I was blue in the face and no go. I checked all the fuses and looked over the wiring harness as well and I don't see any issues.
  11. Yes it is a Cat. I cleaned the carb this afternoon, which wasn't really dirty, and checked the valve clearance (which was good) and its still really hard-almost impossible to get it started. Once I did get it to start it will run but when I shut it off she doesn't want to start again. I think I might have cooked it when it got hot and likely my compression is low. My compression tester is the wrong thread so I have to get another tomorrow. Anybody have any other ideas? I was also wondering if anybody knows if the manual for the 2005 should be the same for my 2004. Thanks
  12. Hi all Hoping someone's expertise here might help. I just bought this bike last week from a friend who never used it ( only has 900miles on it). I ran it around the yard for a half an hour or so and it seemed to run fine but was a little hard to start on occasion. Well I took it deep into the bush yesterday and worked it pretty hard, and it seemed to run okay until I realized it started getting boggy at high end and getting hot and I couldn't here the fan coming on at all. I shut it down and checked my fan, fuses and cables and it all looked good but the fan still would not come on and the bike was clearly hot but I don't think over-heating yet but close. So I stole the wires from the headlight and wired it up to my fan so I could at least get it cooling down. After I ran the fan for a bit I decided to try starting the bike, which it did but only after a lot of cranking and throttle feathering. Once started it did stay running so we drove out. When I made it back to the road I noticed that the bike did not want to run at high speed and lacked top-end power and wanted to backfire at high RPM but did seem fine at low speeds. Once I got the bike home I changed the plug that was pretty black, but it was still hard to start and didn't want to hit high speeds. Now once the bike has cooled-off, it won't start. It does try but just won't do it. I am heading back to the garage right now to check the valve clearance and likely clean the carb, but I was wondering if anybody had any ideas? Thanks and sorry for the long post

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