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  1. Cuzco


  2. Spiked the needle at 170 on my ninja. Talk about tunnel vision.
  3. Looks fun. Mud would be better if the temperature goes up a bit. 50 and soaking wet don't mix well.
  4. Well I want the reverse but it doesn't come on a YFZ to my knowledge. The newer kawi 450r has it though.
  5. Alot of that article was talking about was non programable fuel controllers though. Most of the products I've looked up say you can add maps pretty easily. Now I just need to decide if I want reverse or not.
  6. Hmm. That really makes it sound bad. Why do you say you like the idea of it?
  7. I'm looking to get a YFZ 450 and I'm wondering how much benefit I would get from buying an 09 or newer. I hear carbs can be a hassle but is it really that big a deal? Btw this will be my first quad since I was 12 years old. I have ridden street bikes quite a bit and I never had any problems with my carb. Educate me?
  8. Hey everybody. I'm looking to get into quads. I had a trx125 when I was younger and plan on buying something when I get home from this deployment. I want to get into some racing but just for fun. Most ride light trails and dunes though. Any thoughts on where I should start? I have about 100 hours of research already so I'm pretty sure I'm going with a yfz but I'm open to ideas if you have some to share. Thanks.

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