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  2. Looking for a service manual for 2006 Bruin 350 4wd. Need info about reason for 4wd switch not working. Was working when I used it last year. Never used this feature much and someone said it may be a fuse? Where are the fuses located? There are 3 wires coming out of switch housing, which one goes where? HELP!!
  3. Ok, I'll try that! Thanks! Could the actuator be stuck due to non use?
  4. Tried to engage the 4 wheel drive today and the indicator light never came on, also I didn't hear the solenoid engage. What could be problem? I haven't used the 4 wheel drive option in 2 years. I don't ride as much anymore and the ATV has only 15 hours on it. Any suggestions? I recently had to remove the carb and clean it. Engine runs great and this ATV is too clean to have a problem like this. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated!

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