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  2. I bought a well used 94 LTF 250. When I started to repair and service it, 1 of the legs in the carb that hold the float had been JB welded. I could not find a body for a Mikuni BST 31 SS anywhere. I buddy had a mikuni round slide, I believe a VM series. It fit so I installed it with a small electric fuel pump. Did Suzuki switch to fuel pumps in 90 because of a lower tank design? It started instantly with no choke. To rich? Runs to rich everywhere but wide open. I lowered needle but still rich. Any ideas? Can the needle jet be changed? How can I identify what Mikuni I have? Should I give up and keep trying to find a BST carb? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys
  3. New here. Bought a 94 LT F 250 and the right side rear tire/ wheel is is leaning in. I saw this when I bought it, but figured I could fix it. After taking wheel off and removing shock the swingarm (or whatever it's called on a ATV) swings freely and has no signs of being bent. It looks like it has a longer shock on this side, but it is still the stock shock. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you

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