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  2. My ATV is at my cottage 200 miles north. A friend & I took off the rotor without really looking at the mounting of the caliper. I assumed Yamaha had the replacement parts. EBC said they started making rotors in 1988 and only make one size.
  3. The rotor offered by EBC and Yamaha is 1" smaller then the one on my Quad. Discontinued Item Need larger Rotar as per original (9-5/8" outside diameter) or mover caliper in. Has any body dealt with this issue?
  4. Badley warped, bent and marked up rear rotor. My 1987 Warrior's rotor is about an inch larger then the ones readily available. Is there an easy way of moving the caliper in to fix the problem. Any body make the larger rotor at about 9-5/8" outside diameter for Yamaha Warriors.

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