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  2. I'm in the market for some ramps as well. Since I have a 3-wheeler as well, I am needing to find one that goes all the way across to accommodate a center wheel.
  3. Thanks Mods for the welcome! Glad to have found such a welcoming forum. I believe I was successful in posting some pics in my garage (at least I think I have).
  4. Hi everyone in quad land. I have actually had my quad for a couple of years but decided to get on here and interact with other quad owners and chat it up a bit. I have really been a 3-wheeler guy back in my younger years (and currently have an 87 Honda 200x that I am restoring) but since 3-wheelers have gone bye-bye, I decided to get a nice quad. I have always been the type for something fast and I happened upon this new Honda TRX700xx that my local Honda place had that they were trying to move since it was an 08 model and they were coming into 2011. I was able to get it for half price. Now I know there are those die-hard Yamaha Raptor guys and others, but I really couldn't turn this one down for the price and I am really enjoying the torque, power, and smooth ride of this quad. Are there any central Arkansas quad owners out there?

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