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  1. The carburetor would have to be removed from motor. The carburetor would have to be disassembled soaked in a carburetor cleaner and the jets cleaned out. Air blowed through the passages in the carburetor. New parts added if needed and the carburetor reassembled and reinstalled on the motor. Repair manuals for that year, make and model should have pictures and written information on carburetor removal and repair.
  2. It sounds like you have a low speed jet clogged up. When the choke is used to keep a motor running it generally leads to the low speed idle circuit being stopped up in the carburetor.
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  4. I need a factory service manuel for a 1996 TRX300EX. Thanks
  5. I need a factory service manual for a 1996 Honda TRX 300 EX. Thanks.
  6. Need a factory service manual for a 1996 Honda 300 4x4.

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