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  2. 1994 King Quad 300. I replaced the rear pads a few weeks ago. After I adjust the foot and hand lever mechanisms, I get decent stopping power and the parking brake holds fine. But after just a little bit of use, the brake controls (both foot and hand lever) seem to be out of adjustment again. I'm fairly certain I've got the fastners tight everywhere they need to be, but I can't seem to get this gremlin licked. Any suggestions appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement. I just realized I described it a bit wrong. I was trying to put the hub back on the axle. Anyway, job done, nice to be able to actually stop the machine, and use the parking brake. Next up, gotta check the compression, and then most likely, a top end rebuild. Haven't decided if I'll tackle it myself. Gonna price it out at a local shop, and then decide.
  4. Answered this myself. I put the ATV on it's side, got the bearings lined up, and the hub went back on the axle without a problem.
  5. I've gotten the wheel off, disassembled the brake assembly and gotten the new pads on. Now I'm trying to get the axle back into the hub, and having some trouble. The splines line up, but the axle on goes in until the end of the axle is flush with the hub. It still needs to go another two or three inches to be completely seated. I've tapped at it with a hammer, but I don't want to damage anything. My fear is that a bearing may be worn or loose and the axle isn't centering when I try to tap it in. Any experience/advice shared would be most helpful.
  6. Thanks for the helpful comments, everyone. Turns out it is a 1994. I'm in the middle of replacing the rear brake pads, and having some trouble getting the axle back into the bearing. Will post separately about that.
  7. The quad is at my cabin, so I won't see it again for another few days. Bought some brake pads to do the rear brake, have a small to do list of things to check, but will get the VIN, which is apparently on the rear of the frame from what research I've done so far. Thanks for the follow up.
  8. Howdy, all. Just traded my way into a King Quad 300. The person I got it from said he thought it was a 1998. Any way I can tell for sure? Want to get a service manual for it, but I know Suzuki changed some stuff in 1999. Want to get the right manual. Also, fairly certain the motor is going to need an overhaul soon. Smokes pretty good, oil smell in the exhaust. Any reason not to do it myself? I am comfortable with small engine repairs, but know nothing about this particular motor. Going to be using this to maintain some acreage, light trail riding, and for hunting. Looking forward to participating here. Seem like a really good resource. Thanks in advance for any insights.

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