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  2. 2013 Brute Force, I believe the rear tire size is 22x10x10 !! I am looking to replace my rear tires on my my 4x2 B.F. 300 !! Seems like an odd tire size for the rear tires on my bike. My question is can I go 1" bigger, someway in tire size to where it would not affect bike performance ?? Seems like the 22x10x10 tire size is really odd !!! Thanks for any input !!!!
  3. i might have reposted, but was just wondering to make sure, kinda double guessing myself !! Sorry if i did repost,,,, Thanks for the info though !! Mike
  4. Just a simple question, but could i go and measure my air filter, I.D. and find a K/N air filter for my 300 4x2 Bruteforce ?? Seems to me that it would work, provided everything will still match up correctly, and i have enough room inside my airbox. Any thoughts ??
  5. Hey OX ! Will a higher wattage bulb strain my atv's elec. system ? I know not to run any other "juice" sucking accessory when running a higher watt bulb ! But was just wondering ???
  6. I am pretty much mechanically inclined (worked on helicopter engines for 11yrs in the Army) but i cant figure out how to remove the bulb........................sad uhh?
  7. Got leds mounted on the front, my opinion is that they dont shine that far, but when you look at them up close they blind you. maybe a hid system ?
  8. No luck oxidized ! Its a35watt head lamp, but need a # , like H4, etc !! Kawa tells me nothing but wattage and part# ! I dont wanna jack anything up by putting the wrong bulb in, know what i mean ?
  9. Gotta 2013 Brute Force 300 2x4. Does anyone know the headlamp bulb model # ? H4, H3, etc. I am looking to upgrade my bulbs for some brighter ones. All i have is KAWAis part number 92069-0039. Any help would be great !! Thank You!!
  10. eeeeehhhh heck with it, i got extra bolts, and i'm not to worried about looks.
  11. One more thing i forgot that is important !!! Your gonna have to trim the front grille fascia to mount the winch !!!!
  12. You know i hate to admit it, but i really don't know how to post a picture on this website. I never have done it. If someone could help me out with this i will gladly post the pics !! Thanks if anyone can help me !!!
  13. Aldo, Now this is my opinion ! I think Warn is in with Kawasaki to try and corner the market on aftermarket winch installation/sales ! All i did was compare the mounting pattern from the bike and the Warn winch ! I then went online to Superwinches web site and got their dimensions to see if they matched and they did. I ordered the winch from Amazon.com and paid around 127.00 ( to include shipping ) which is a pretty good deal for a 3000 lb winch. The mounting plate is already on the bike from the manufacturer. I installed mine with no problems at all !! I will post some photos for you to see. Do you like your bike ? I love mine, it has plenty of low - midrange power. Probaly the best 2wd atv if have ever ridden. I can go anywhere i need to go. Kawasaki hit this one out of the park.

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