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  2. all an extra battery does is prolong the inevitable of both batteries dying. instead of an hr with only one battery maybe it is 2 hours. a generator is an outside power supply source that can "charge", batteries only "store", older quads only really sustain themselves.
  3. a winch and other occasional use items you would be fine as the battery has some room to run it. if possible I try to keep my quad running when winching just to keep it charging
  4. what I would be worried about is draining the battery as the stator can only put out so much amperage. I see it very often at work, people do not realize accessories draw alot of amps
  5. well I had time to check it out. found exhaust valve almost .025 previous owner rebuilt engine. 2 months ago (this is a quad new to me) starts fine cold but harder to start warm so I am going to check the valves again
  6. I cleaned the carb out and set pilot to factory settings. idles fine but when I throttle the engine up the rpms do not back down very fast. does this mean I am running too lean? the cable does not appear to be sticking as I still have the side still off and can watch the cable. any help is appreciated.

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