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  2. i think thi i a pretty good job for halloween vote for me
  3. it has a starter clutch the starter is just a starter it dont come out it just spins the starter gear that is connected to the starter clutch it baffles me i cant see anything wrong with any of the components when i put on a new starter it works fine for a couple weeks then the engine or sumthing starts clanging banging and like stops the starter from turning or sumthing then i try to start it again and it may start just fine or it may bang and clang summore until it starts but once it starts it runs great but then after a couple more weeks it just grinds all the teeth off of the starter thank you all for ur help
  4. the gear on the starter and the starter gear match up perfectly but it is chewing the teeth up on the starter
  5. it has a starter gear and starter clutch there r no shims never been into either it is a fixed starter one way
  6. i have owned it about 6 months went through three starters sumthing keeps chewing the teeth off of the starters put new starter gear in it twice too just cant figure it out works alright for a little while then starts messin up the engine seems to backlash when i shut it off too once its running it runs great though tired of buying starters

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