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  2. Problem solved. Turned out to be a bad, although new, solenoid. Bought yet another one and all is good now! Now on to tracing down why it's not recharging the battery........then some brake work, etc..... One thing at a time.
  3. Tried the brake level----nothing. I've not seen it in the manual (yet!) but does anyone know if there is a relay between the start button and the seloniod?
  4. Thanks guys for the ideas. All wires under the console are correct according to the diagram. When pressing the start button, no clicking or anything. I start it now by jumping the selonoid (sp?), so yes the starter works. I will try the brake lever to see if that it. Keep 'em coming! This is driving me nuts!
  5. Update: After much tinkering, I have everything working now, except the start button. Reverse light, neutral light and oil temp light work. Start button still not working, but the odd thing is when press the start button the oil temp light comes on. I assume that is not normal and something is crossed somewhere. According to the wiring diagram, evreything is right. Any ideas?
  6. OK, I started working on this wiring issue. I installed a new key switch. Since the start button was shot, I installed a new handle switch. I removed all the "creative" wiring. Now, I have lights. The run switch will shut the engine off. BUT, the start button does not work. I think (you guys chime in:) ) since the neutral light, reverse light and temp. light do not work, this may have an affect. My thought is if the neutral light is not on that maybe that is interrupting some circuit that allows the start button to work?? Confused, I am............
  7. Thanks for the manual!! I'll scope it over this weekend. One question: How can I be sure the battery is charging? I installed a new battery. With a meter on each post when not running I get 12 volts. With motor running I get 12 volts. I'm no mechanic, but I assume with the motor running it should read higher than 12 volts???
  8. I picked up my first quad last week. A 1995 Wolverine 4X4 350. It has issues, but I got it cheap (I hope!) It runs and rides well. The issue is mostly wiring. Someone in its pervious life has buggered up the wiring. I installed a new battery and ground cable, but I have to jump the selonoid to start it. There are a few wire connections not connected. The start button feels as if there is no spring behind it. Lights do not work. The ignition is missing, I assume they had bypassed that with some creative wiring. The question is: Should I locate a wiring harness and start from there? I am having trouble finding manuals, diagrams for the quad. Just looking for direction at this point. Joe

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