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  1. Its a toe shift. Havent popped the cover yet...his brother in law took all his metric tools so I had no way to pop the cover. First thought was shifter forks too...but need to get the cover off to figure that out. Hoping it IS something easy that might be common with these. He has used it pretty hard plowing snow and moving dirt.
  2. I should add: The oil looks and smells fine. He has used Honda Oil in it exclusively. Also, it feels like it's shifting...but never shifts
  3. Hi, a friend has me looking at his Foreman 400 (4x4) and I haven't worked on these things in 10 years so need advice: It stopped shifting on him. He's used it pretty heavily since he bought it new. When you try to shift it, it feels like it's trying to grab, but skips over the gear and doesn't change gears. Can't get it back into neutral to start it. Any 'easy' ideas or should it head to the shop? Thanks!!

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