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  2. Thanks guys! Will do! already took the racks off the quad and cleaned/sanded/painted them. and i took the plastics off and cleaned underneath them. there is a lot of rust.. but definitely still usable.. i have updated pics. i will upload them when i get a chance!
  3. Bought this 1995 Yamaha Moto-4 350 from my wifes cousin the other day for 200 bucks... carb needs rebuilt, new intake manifold, ignition switch, petcock, brakes, battery and tires. I figure I will spend around 500 in parts... so I will have 700 in it.. do you guys think that is an ok deal? I know it looks pretty rough. But enjoy cleaning and painting. I already have the paint scheme I plan on putting on it in my mind. THanks guys.
  4. Thanks everyone! I already like this site more than the other one i joined "atv connection"
  5. Hello all! I am a new memeber from Macon, GA! I actually just purchased my first quad on tuesday. It's an older one that needs a little bit of work but for the price given I think I still got an ok deal on it. The quad is a 1995 Yamaha Moto-4 350. I don't know if anyone on here is familiar with the Moto-4 but I figure while I am going on and on I can go ahead and ask a few questions. Any idea why you can't find a carb rebuild kit for the 1995 model? I can find them all the way up to 1993 but not 1995. I even called the dealer and they can only get up to a 1993. what size tires do you think would clear without scrubbing on the Moto-4? Thanks for taking the time to read what i wrote! and hopefully thanks for the responses to the questions asked!

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