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  2. Hi Sam, My seats and plastic are good. I found a really good front differential on Ebay I have toput that in and do rear bearings and seals in the rear end. It had water in it. Shouldn't be much after that. Just need a little time. Hope it all works for you. Garry
  3. Hi Sam, sounds like your having fun with it. I found a 91 Kawasaki Bayou 300 4x4 for $200. early this year. It had bad elec. & mech. probs. at least the tires were almost new. I was lucky one off the moderators had a manual for it that I was able to down load and some times the dealers will have manuals you can down load or at least view. I still have to finish but it does run great. On that drum I some times squirt the spline or key way with liquid wrench, and let it soak overnight or at least a couple hrs. if it's bad and use a puller if possible. Merry Christmas, Garry
  4. Hi SamboRambo, Don't know much about making it girley. but I do have an idea on the throttle. Might try a limiter of some sort. That's what I should have done with my first one. I ended up on top of a dog house. Good luck, Garry
  5. Hi rabbit, Welcome, I think you will find QuadCRAZY,, a very good web site. I don't get on very often. To many irons in the fire. Carbur8er
  6. welcome to quadcrazy, It's a good place to be. Garry
  7. Welcome to tx. I was thinking of moving to Maine just to get away from the heat.
  8. Great, take care. These guys sound like a good bunch.
  9. Welcome Farrier1, It's good that it was in a barn. I just got a 91 Kawasaki 300 4x4 That needs a lot. At least it has almost new tires and a rebuilt top end. Good luck with her, Garry
  10. Thanks, Hope your weather is better there than here.
  11. Hi everyone, just signed up yesterday. I'm working on a 1991 Kawasaki bayou 4x4 300. That,s what brought me here.
  12. Signed up yesterday. Looks like a great web sight.

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