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  2. UPDATE: I pulled the left crankcase cover today. I found oil all over the stator and inside the flywheel where the stator rotates in. Could this be the problem I have no spark?? If so do I have a bad gasket or o-ring somewhere?
  3. Hey oxidized_black...I am having a time finding the AC sensor line! I have located the 3P alternator connector and the alternator charging coil but I cannot find the AC sensor line. Can you explain what I am looking for? The only other wiring I see is the wiring that is surrounded by a rubber boot that goes to the alternator itself and I dont know how to remove them. I pulled the boot back and there does not appear to be a plug for the wires??
  4. Thank you so much oxidized_black! I am working six days a week so I will perform these tests tomorrow morning. I truly appreciate your help and the pics as well.
  5. No I have not. The only things I have tested is the CDI and the igniton coil. They both checked out fine. I am MUCH more familiar with automotive repairs and terminology. Could you shed some light on how I would go about testing the stator and pick up coil and where they are located? I appreciate any help.
  6. I am working on an early 90's Honda 300TRX 4WD. The problem is no spark. I have downloaded a manual but it has not helped yet. The problem is I have no voltage to the ignition coil. Any idea why there is no voltage from either the BL/Y or the G wire that connects to the ignition coil? Thanks in advance!

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