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  2. O_B, May I take advantage of your generous offer and request a copy of the 2003 Suzuki LTZ 400 manual ? IA! GT
  3. Hi All, just another old fart here who's now the 'new' owner of an '03 KFX400 so's I can play with my 'not so young' kids in Oklahoma when I get out there. (I live near LAX) I ride 'two wheels' when at home, so this should be an 'interesting' learning experiance! hehe My son was kind enough to drive all over OK to find my smokin' deal on the KFX, but it does needs a little TLC....and the most important 'repair' to me is replacing the noisey aftermarket silencer with a quiet stock unit. Anyone got a nice clean 'take off' they want to be rid of? Anyway, I hope to learn a bit by lurkin' a

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