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  2. Thanks riders. The rod seems to be fine. Theres a plug on the top of the differential at the shifter and if I loosrn the plug or even remove it it will move or even shift into park. Thats ss far ad I have gone with it. Its got the foot shift. At that cost I can live with it. The quad was given to me by a real close friend who new someone who stopped riding a few years ago. The quade sat for three years.
  3. I just recently acquired this quad. Runs great but it will not go into the park gear. Don't want to tear into the rear differential until I know what to look for. Would appreciate some help.
  4. I recently acquired this quad . Runs great but it will not shift into park. Don't want to tear into the rear differential without a general idea of what to look for. Are there any suggestions?

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