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  2. Thanks for all your help guys. I went to ride it today an look at it. Its solid for $200. I mean the thing has some small problems worn brake pads, worn tires, slight piston knock. Honestly though i was expecting to go look at it and it sound like it was about to blow up. I honestly can barely hear the knock and if it gets too bad ill fix it. Ill never really lose money on it and thats what i wanted. I have always ridden a bayou 350 4x4 and Im amazed at how much more fun the 250 is. Its just so light and agile compared to the 350 beast. I bought it and am picking it up tomorrow along with some brake pads and some new grips.
  3. also guys sorry i forgot to put this is the original post but do you all know what size tires the stock 250 uses? i need to see how much rear tires would be. The ones on it are about done id say
  4. Hi all, this is my first post here and i have a very important question that maybe someone will tell me what they would do. My friend has a 2003 kawasaki bayou 250 that he has been wanting to sell. It needs new brakes all around and new back tires. Now heres the thing he is convinced that it has piston knock. However, from what ive found its very unusual that a bayou this new has piston problems or needs a rebuild. Ive read that sometimes the timing chain may just be slightly loose. Because he is convince it has major problems he wants to sell it to me for $200 bucks. What are the chances of me coming out ahead on this and what are the chances of me losing my ass? thanks ps im going to look at it tomorrow

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