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  2. It is a Suzuki motor, and does have black plastics. I'll take a look at the auto choke thing. I'll dig around some mor efor the VIN. I appriciate the help.
  3. I recently picked up an '05 4x4 manual, I got it home and started to go over it as it needed some TLC. When I pulled of the side panels there were factorty 650 H1 stickers on there, I pulled one up, the paint was brand new looking under it. It seems crazy for those to be there, I assumed that someone other than the factory put them on there, or is this something common to the Cat's that I am unaware of? Also can't find the choke on this thing anywhere...any suggestion? I've also looked high and low for the VIN location, no luck...I have the title, could not get the VIN to work in the VIN decoder. Do these bikes have model prefix numbers (i.e TRX450 etc.)? Thanks in advance. TA

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