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  2. Headlights work both low and high. Im going to mess with it more this week. Thx.
  3. Thx. I'll check that, also would the ltf250 ozark manual you have up for download basically the same as my ltf250f?
  4. I've got an 02 ltf250f and it starts perfect, runs perfect, shifts perfect and looks perfect. The only thing is the reverse and neutral lights on the "dash" don't work, they've never worked since I've owned it about 3 yrs. now. I've checked the only two fuses that I could find, replaced both of the bulbs and kinda went around "jiggling" wires with no results. The fact that they don't work doesn't really bother me but my 8yo wants to start driving his sister around in I'd like him to be able to see when he's in neutral or reverse. Thanks Kelly
  5. Thanks for the replies but I just went ahead and dropped it off at the (gulp) Suzuki dealer. Kelly
  6. With......yep...a carb question. I recently became the owner of an 02 zuki LTF250F quadrunner. I'm the second owner with only 136 mi. on the clock, it's about as OG as it gets with everything still original and in perfect shape. Well the other day it started idling fast then slow then fast, you get the idea. Now this isn't my first go around with an atv so I figured the carb needed a good cleaning. I bought a rebuild kit through my local Zuki dealer and went to work, well the bowl was full of trash! Completely disassembled it and cleaned it all out, then blew it all out with air, poked around all the little holes and what not to make sure it was clean. I reassembled it and put it all back together and pulled the choke gave the starter button a tap and vroom! Fired right up! Sweet! Let it idle for a bit turned off the choke and purrs like a kitty, gave her a little throttle......uh oh...bogged out and stalled. Hmm maybe carb not full of fuel. Tap the start button, vroom fires right up, give it a lil throttle, Boggs down and dies. Hmmm now I've search all over this site and tried everything that I found like the fuel valve and intake leaks also check all the lines to the carb but I find nothing. What happened? It was running great other than the idle surging, now it won't rev up. Any ideas? Thanks Kelly. Oh and the plug was wet and black if that helps. Thanks again.

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