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  2. Hello Swamp, thanks for the answer, more info: Th H, R, L and N show in the pod. I can drive the ATV only in first gear in L, H, and R. Pull the belt cover and everything works as it's suppose to. I tried it in gear and both pulley turn. No water but some dust in there. I used proper oil but I'm not the first owner. I was asking about the fuel pump because I can't go over 4000 rpm in neural so not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  3. I just called the local atv guys and they told me that it might be the TPS (throttle position sensor) anyways I can check it myself?
  4. Hey Gents, first post on here and I hope I can get some help. I just bought a 2006 Arctic cat 400 auto. Not sure how it was working before as I bought it at an auction. 1- Start no problem 2- Replace oil, oil filter and fuel (just for maintenance and used ATV oil) 3- runs good (no engine noise) Here is the problem "I can't go over 30 KM" I can go and drive in Low, Neutral and reverse no problems. The fuel pump make a little knock noise. Would it be possible it need a new pump? Dirty carburator?? Just noticed when I went for a drive that it doesn't change gear. Goes to 4000 rpm and stays there. let me know what you think Thanks

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