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  2. after 2 weeks of searching and troubleshooting i found someone on another forum. he was having the same issue he said withafter market cams you change the cam flange lick I did they have a spring and pin behind the clutch on the cam. mine does not have it so you have to remove the decomp system. Just food for thought thank you for your help.
  3. The reason for the new cam cam was more power no misfuntion or noises just normal wear what originaly happen I demolished the piston rings jug. So I rebuilt it to a 440 so I figured why not put the stage 2 . I have done the tdc everytime I have retimed it just to double check crank position no air leaks all is new. Thank you for your help..
  4. On my 2004 400ex I bought a magnum stage 2 cam and pulled the cam flang off the stock one also i put a 440 kit new timing chain. the problem I am having is I cant get it to run. I have timed it with the book spec I Know the 400 ex timing is tricky but I have redone it 4 times. i even advaced it like you would in a pick up truck. 2 teeth still just back firing. None out of the carb. please any advice???
  5. I got the cam flange off and put it on the stage and i am wondering if i have to advance the timing for the stage 2 like a pick up any answers?
  6. i have a 400 ex i would like help finding out how to safly get the cam gear flang off to install it on my aftermarket one and ideas?

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