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  2. I've heard several different answers so finally went to K&N directly. My filters are pre-oiled - here is K&N's direct quote from email: "Almost all K&N air filters come pre-oiled and ready to use. The filter oil we use is red. A new oiled filter will appear red-pink in color. Some crankcase vent air filters come unoiled, however, they come with a small packet of K&N filter oil so they can be oiled before use. There are also a limited number of filters with specialty uses which are not pre-oiled. These items will be clearly marked as unoiled."
  3. ....as I had a need to climb out of gumbo'd up gully. Did not sputter at all in 3WD. Any thoughts?
  4. I bought a couple K&N air filters for our KQ's. Do they need to be oiled right out of the box? There are no instructions telling me yes or no. I do have a recharge kit if needed. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks - I'm picking one up today. Non-power steering having driven them before - I'm old school.
  6. With Suzuki running a five year zero percent financing program, I'm looking at the 2012 KQ 750. I've had two Vinson's previously and both ran well. Any pros or cons on the KQ 750?

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