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  2. I opened it up and just from looking at it seems fine; not sure what the actual measurement needs to be or how tight it should be at rest. There is also a five spoke looking thing over the front clutch portion that does not seem to want to come off. Now, if it is not the belt, where would I start to look next? Thanks!
  3. Thank you! I hope that is the problem. I tried to answer your message but it did not cooperate.
  4. Ok, I dug around on here but to no avail. A newbie here so be gentle. My 01 Kodiak 400, (bought new and fluids seem good) automatic, will slip/jerk if in park on a slope. Shifts and drives fine all the time but just not strong on the parking. So, nothing I cant live with for now but...will it harm anything if I delay repairs? Is it something that can be repaired without it looking like a titanic overhaul and is it typically a high dollar thing? Thank you much in advance!!

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