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  2. thanks for the input im checking for that hole in carb air hose
  3. no it feels like its in the transfer case i think ill take pics and post of front end. It has a green label all the way around it and it is flush on one side of the transfer case and not the other hence the leak i think also that could be the clicking due to the right front axle is a tad out of the transfer case at least thats what i hope..was just wondering if anyone has taken 1 apart before i do
  4. got a seal leaking in front right side of transfer case how hard to fix and bike boggs down when giving it throttle had carb checked and rebuilt seems like too much air going in carb any ideas...also clicking when turning handle bars but not in u joints i feel it in rod going into transfer case its not really loud...just wanting ideas thanks cracking into all this tomorrow....

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